DV Wright Music


RIAA, wake up! your outdated business models are broken! Times have changed, technology is here and it is not going away, if anything it’s getting stronger and more prevalent. You cant just continue to fight downloaders and ‘music pirates’, you will never shut down every pirate music site, or every down/uploader, stop trying.

It’s time to embrace technology and invest in new business models, new revenue streams (maybe that embrace consumers and artists) suing your potential consumer is not an acceptable business model.

There are many smart young people, artists, etc. why not listen and adjust, grow learn, possibly there new ways to make even more profit by providing a service.

What you are doing now, holding on to old ways, suing music listeners, short siding artists is embarrassing and will just help speed your demise.

(Note to Google/others with the cash, can you please buy the music industry, you can afford it, put a couple smart people on reworking the whole thing, get some actual artists involved in the retooling process. Please.)

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