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In a new group, Orange Peel

So, I’ve been playing with an Soul Jazz/Funk Organ player, Mike Sanders and drummer, John Reinert and recently we expanded by adding my friend Paul Lynch on electric bass, we call ourselves, ‘Orange Peel’.

It’s Soul Jazz/Jazz Funk type stuff, like 50’s soul jazz organ trio, or like Scofield with MMW. I’m really digging it, it’s fun and musical.

We had a gig on June 22nd 2012 at Cafe Royal in SF, we are playing again on July 21st, (Saturday night) at the same place. We’re still getting it together but so far we have about 2-1/2 hours worth of music.
Here’s a clip from this past gig.

[peckplayer id=”1″ sound=”http://dwright.webfactional.com/orange_peel/6-22-12_first_gig/georgia.mp3″]

[peckplayer id=”1″ sound=”http://dwright.webfactional.com/orange_peel/6-22-12_first_gig/sunshine alley.mp3″]

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