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loop-master.com order wait time

OK, So, you use a few older non true bypass effect pedals and have heard they can add unwanted color to your signal chain, or maybe even, it’s obvious. You love the pedal’s effect sound but only what to hear it when it’s on, otherwise you want just a nice clean signal from your instrument to your amp.

Sounds like you need a True Bypass Looper pedal. With one of these you can put all your non true bypass pedals in a “loop” that is true bypass so to only activate them when needed you are using the effect for it’s intended purpose.

There are many folks that make these (Check eBay). They range in price from $35-$100. All of the ones I’ve seen are passive, meaning they work without a power supply. Often times they offer the ability to use a 9V or power source which lights an LED and indicates that the pedal is activated.

One company which makes these is loop-master.com. They have a good reputation and probably make a great product, However, if you are like me, in a hurry, and don’t read their website FAQ BEFORE you place an order, you may be unpleasantly surprised to find out that regardless of what you order it will take no less than 8 weeks to arrive! Yes, 2 months! Here check for yourself: http://www.loop-master.com/faq.php So, I am not saying dont use them and I am not saying they are not great but I am saying that it will take over 2 Months to receive whatever you order!!! You are welcome for the heads up.

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