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Ibanez TSA15 Combo updates

So I was talking about some amp “upgrades” I was thinking about, see post: guitar-geekgear-ramblings

I made them and wanted to keep track of the differences.


Amp: Ibanez TSA15 Combo
Guitar: Peerless Songbird (upgraded pickups and electronics. pot/pickup height changes outlined in the above post)

Before (Stock Amp. Guiar Pole Pieces high, treble bleed, 500k pots, Wolftone P90’s)

[peckplayer sound=”http://dwright.webfactional.com/orange_peel/6-22-12_first_gig/sunshine alley.mp3″]

After (Amp Upgrades. Guiar Pole Pieces low, treble bleed removed, 250k pots, Wolftone P90’s)

[peckplayer sound=”http://dwright.webfactional.com/orange_peel/7-21-12/sunshine alley.mp3″]

After Changes:
Amp, upgraded the pre amp tubes
V1 position 12AX7 pre-amp tube replaced with a Tung-Sol
V2 replaced with a JJ ECC83 S
‘Upgraded’ the speaker (yes, I’m low on cash)
Jensen MOD 12-35

Current thoughts.

Listening to both clips, the changes are noticeable but I’m sure preference could go either way based on personal taste.

Also enough was changed overall which makes it hard to focus on specifics. Having said that, I do prefer the newer ‘After’ clip and enjoy playing and hearing the sound while playing more now, which is all that matters.

My take aways are.
* The Guitar pickup pole pieces should be lower, like they are now. – positive change
* The Guitar pots change to 250K. – unknown change. (for rear pickup probably positive change)
* Guitar treble bleed mod. – unknown change.
* amp pre amp tubes replaced. – positive change
* amp speaker change. – positive change but need to invest in a better speaker.
* (this amp has a way to plug in and bypass the tube screamer circuit completely. If you are not using the tube screamer this is a positive change)

2 thoughts on “Ibanez TSA15 Combo updates

    1. dwright Post author

      Hi Johan,

      Well, I thought I did but now you have me questioning as I can not find a definitive answer anywhere!

      I thought v1 was the one closest to the power tubes but I don’t remember how I reached that conclusion. I can’t find a diagram within the amp, on the sides or anywhere else and it’s not in the (Ibanez TSA15 Combo Amp Manual).

      Thanks for bringing this up. I sent Ibanez a email today asking them for info, if I get a reply I will let you know.


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