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Orange Peel Funky Jazz – Trio

So, the Organ based group I was so excited about imploded after only several months and only two gigs, super bummer,… Probably the best explanation is “Jimmy quit, Jody got married”, Haha,… (Brian Adams summer of 69′ for you ‘young-ins’)

Well anyway, Paul (Bass) and I are trudging forward as a trio under the Orange Peel band name (for now). We’re sill doing a mix of Jazz, Soul Jazz and some funk, we think of it as The Orange Peel Funky Jazz Trio (maybe at some point we’ll be able to lure an Organist to join us 🙂

We had a great gig this past Saturday at Cafe Royale in SF, thanks to all who were there rooting us on with the great enthusiastic support!

(I’ll try to post sound sounds from the gig soon)

Hopefully, we’ll do it again soon.

We’re also playing at the Birdland Jazzista Social Club in Berkeley on the 28th (September) around 9pm. (Add a comment if you want to go, I can try to get you access)

Here is a tune we played on the 15th at Royale: (with a goofy video)

and here is one we played the 28th at Jazzista:

One thought on “Orange Peel Funky Jazz – Trio

  1. John Trinidad, MSW

    Hello, my name is John Trinidad and I will be hosting the Music for Memories event that will be happening the same night you will be playing at the Cafe Royale on Saturday, November 10th, 2012. Will you be able to send me some info on your band through facebook? you can search me through my email and I can send you the information through there. Or if you prefer, you can contact me through my office number @415.563.7600

    John T.

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