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EHX The Holygrail vs Malekko chicklet reverb vs Hermida Audio Reverb

I was looking to buy a reverb unit for my reverbless amp.

My Desired Reverb:
* True Bypass
* Quality of reverb sound
* ‘Simple’, really I just need a little reverb.
* Small unit (little room on pedalboard)
* No extra coloration
* Reasonably priced ($150 is pushing it)

Fit the Bill:
ElectroHarmonix The Holygrail
Hermida Audio Reverb
Malekko chicklet reverb
Biyang RV-10 tri-reverb
TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb


Already Had:
RV-3: Digital Reverb/Delay (versatile pedal but I really don’t care for the
overly artificial digital sounding reverb sound on this one, that is my
opinion of course)

Ruled out:
Boss FRV-1 ’63 Fender Reverb (not true bypass)
DigiTech Hardwire Series RV-7 (True Hardwire bypass is NOT true bypass)
Dr. Scientist Radical Rverberator (too expensive)
Strymon Blue Sky (too expensive)
T Rex Room Mate (too expensive)
Many other Boutique units


Hermida Audio Reverb
* Right Price $100. (if you can find one)
* Wonderful sound, Very convincing reverb. (just like a good amps reverb)
* Simple (one nob, adds reverb amount)

* is fairly large (for a mini pedal board owner)
* not currently in production (can go for what market will bear)

Electro Harmonix Holygrail nano
* Right Price $120. (under $80 used)
* Good reverb sound, Very convincing reverb.
* Simple (more feature than needed
* very small

* one ‘useless’ setting (‘Flerb’)
* ‘forever’ decay (even on the lowest setting, the ‘holdover’ on a sudden
ending tune was just too wet for me)

Malekko chicklet Reverb
* Right Price under $125. (if you can find one)
* Decent reverb,
* Simple
* very, very small

* cant get a subtle enough setting
(with the settings on 0 there is no effect, moving them a hair, less than 1 is
already too much reverb for my use)
* not currently in production (can go for what market will bear)

For me, of the 3 the Hermida Audio Reverb is the clear winner.

Based on reverb sound quaility alone:
1. Hermida Audio Reverb
2. The Holygrail
3. Malekko chicklet Reverb

Based on tradeoff of size to reverb sound quaility:
1. Malekko chicklet Reverb
2. The Holygrail
3. Hermida Audio Reverb

NOTE: Fall 2012. Hermida Audio Reverb have started making their Reverb unit in a smaller housing!

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