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social networking website for musicians

Just a heads up, I found a really cool social networking site for musicians. Music collaboration, share music tracks, Pro Tools, GarageBand, Sonar, remix, share beats – Kompoz.com

There is a huge range of styles, talents, tastes, material, personalities and folks from around the globe, it has almost anything you can imagine music idea wise!

It’s a great site if you are a musician looking to collaborate with others, or if you want to check out some new music and witness the creative process.

It’s a free site, or if you want the full features it’s $5 a month! great deal! (I don’t work there, honest)

And, hey, if you are a Jazz musician, (not a guitarist please, haha!) come collaborate with me 🙂
David Wright at Kompoz

If you are a musician and want to collaborate, you will need a DAW, (digital audio workstation) or some way of recording (and uploading) audio.

If you have a Apple Mac, you will have GarageBand installed. GarageBand is included with Mac’s by default and easy to use. You will need some sort of input device to record audio. (Something like the M-Audio FastTrack, which plugs into the computer via USB and takes 1/4 in (standard guitar cord) or XLR (standard mic input)). A good basic mic is the Shure SM58.

If you do not have a Mac, or do not like GarageBand, there is a wonderful free, very good DAW, Audacity® is free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds.

To recap, you need a computer with a network connection and some way to record audio.

Hint: You can get a used PC from Craigslist for less than $100, install Linux on it (also free, try Ubuntu, you can do it, really!), then install Audacity (free), buy the M-Audio Fast Track (or something) and be making music and collaborating for $150 bucks! see ya soon!

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