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Epiphone guitars, just can’t do it,…

There are many fine Epiphone guitars I’d consider owning, including the Casino and Sheraton II among others.

Unfortunately, the long ‘paddle’ size headstock just scares me away, it’s almost calling out to fall backward and break at the neck/headstock area.

This biased probably isn’t fair, this could happen to any guitar of course but for some reason it seems so pronounced on the Epiphone I just can’t bring myself to own one,…

(You do see a fair amount of these sorts of breaks too actually, some being sold at greatly reduced prices. And on the bright side, they can be repaired to be stronger than new. So if you are handy with this sort of thing, you could get some great deals!)

UPDATE: Of course I came around 🙂 I’m playing a Epiphone Casio which I really really like! (Now that I know that glue is stronger than wood I know these breaks of course should be avoided but can usually be repaired)

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