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Pandora relaxes Amazon requirement!

Sweet! Pandora has relaxed it’s requirement that artists who submit material must have a physical CD available for sale at Amazon!
With the new submissions process, you no longer need a CD available on amazon and UPC for your music or comedy.
Additionally, their process is now digital. No longer do you need to send them a physical CD. You just have to have at least 1 of your tracks on iTunes (US only), Amazon.com/MP3, CDBaby or Bandcamp. (basic Bandcamp is free!)

Great news Pandora, this is really way overdue, Thank you.

(As a next step, would it be possible to decrease the amount of time it takes to be added to the library if accepted? It can take over 6 months to have your music added to the library!)

UPDATE: ugh, I did not realize that Pandora was U.S only now (for the past few years even). This is really depressing, this has got to be due to the heavy licensing fees places on them by the RIAA. This is my problem with the RIAA and PRO’s (ASCAP/BMI/SESAC etc). They do not foster innovation they stifle it! A lot has been written about this and I don’t need to echo it here but it’s clear to me in this case that this is not fair for Pandora. (Traditional Radio stations do not have to pay because they are considered a promotional tool for artists) Pandora get’s hit with more fees.

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