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Hey, why no guitar string sets for jazzers…

So, it’s a fairly common practice of ‘jazz’ guitarists to buy a set of strings, say an .011-.049 set and replace the top 2 strings with a heavier gauge, say .012 and .016, or something to that effect.

so something like this:
.011, .014, .018, .028, .038, .049

becomes this:
.012, .016, .018, .028, .038, .049

Generally Jazz players want a stiffer set of strings with more beefy top end and more unified balance throughout. (well, at least I do)

The only maker I know who makes set’s like this is Thomastik Infeld.

This is a set of Thomastik-Infeld BB112
.012, .016, .020, .028, .036, .050

and Thomastik GB112
Gauges: .012 – .016 – .020(wound) – .028 – .039 – .053

I am a fan of and buy and use TI strings and really appreciate their approach but am very aware that they cost up to 8x more than most other string brands.

Why can’t someone else sell a ‘jazz balanced’ set? is there really so small a market for a set like this?

There are plenty of “Heavy Bottom, Light Top” set’s for the tune down rockers, but none of the opposite for the legion of ‘beboppers’ 🙂

What’s up!? (You don’t even have to do much, just put together a TI balanced like set for .012, .013 and .014, those 3 sets should cover it)

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