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Note for me, my string gauges, 2015-2016

More focused on ‘jazz-ish’ sound…

Guitar Gauge Notes Date
Squier CV 50’s tele .011’s GHS Boomers GBM – .011 .015 .018 .026 .036 .050 (feel pretty good, possibly on the slinky side – I think sounds ok though, ‘thick’ enough) Late 2015(?)
Epiphone Dot .012’s GHS Boomers GBH – .012 .016 .019 .028 .038 .052 (feel way too stiff! – action is higher here though) Mid 2015(?)
Epiphone Dot .011’s (UPDATE) Martin Electric SP Nickel Wound Medium – .011 .014 .018 .028 .038 .049 (still trying out – really liking so far) Mid 2015(?)
Yamaha SA2000 .012’s Thomastic-Infeld BB112 .012 .016 .020 .028 .036 .050 (Jazz BeBop Round Wound) (feel pretty good, maybe slightly loose – these are on the PTP vids) Early 2015 / Late 2014 (?)
Yamaha SA2000 .011’s (UPDATE) Pure Blues DR PHR-11 .011 .014 .018 .028 .038 .050 (initial thoughts, much duller sounding than the Thomastic-Infeld BB112 round wounds. The TI’s were crisp with great note definition. the DR are also not that much looser feeling despite the gauge down change. Have not plugged in yet, still evaluating) May 16th, 2016
Cort M800 .011’s GHS Boomers? Ernie Ball? (these feel very slinky but the .013 set I tried were way too heavy.) (These .011’s are on the Mike vids… sounds good, not thin) Mid 2015 / Late 2014 (?)
Cort LCS1 .013’s Thomastic-Infeld JS113 .013 .017 .021 .028 .039 .053 (Jazz Swing Flat Wound)
2015-07-05 Put these on tonight, will try them out. Previously had GB114 flats on, not sure for how long (probably over a year) they were completely dead… also, I just raised the action and found them much harder to play)
Eastman T386 .012’s D’Addario EXL145 Nickel Wound Heavy Gauge Plain 3rd Electric Strings 12-54 (feel pretty good but I think too heavy for my current taste) 2016-01-06
Eastman T386 .011’s (UPDATE) Martin Electric SP Nickel Wound Medium – .011 .014 .018 .028 .038 .049 (still trying out – really liking so far) 2016-01-06

Strings generalities (my, “off the cuff” opinion, YMMV):
(I am using these in heavier gauges in a ‘jazz’ context, so this of course guides my opinion).
UPDATE: So far I seem to like the more mellowness of pure nickel strings over steel or ‘nickel plated’ strings.

String Brand Opinion Notes
GHS Boomers So so bright sounding, stiff feeling. (Steel) (Have not tried a pure nickel GHS set yet)
Ernie Ball So so bright sounding, stiff feeling. (Have not tried a pure nickel Ernie Ball set yet)
D’Addario N/A It’s been awhile since I tried D’Addario, I remember feeling so, so about
them in the past, need to revisit. I think I tried a ‘jazz-rock’ set of .011’s
and thinking they were ok.
Thomastic-Infeld Positive Looser feeling strings, sets are ‘balanced’ (gauged) more to my preference.
The GB114 Flat’s are my favorite string on archtops (that I’ve played).
I have BB112 round wound’s on a semi hollow and I’m not crazy about them, they
feel too loose
Martin Electric SP Nickel Wound Positive This is my first time trying these strings, so far I really like them!
Maybe it’s the nickel wound…. I just put a medium set (.011) on a semi hollow and they feel and sound just right. The tension feels good the tone sounds right.
I will have to try these more.

Current take away, try more Nickel wound strings and another set of Martin Electric Strings.

UPDATE: Bummer, I can’t find the Martin’s anymore, I guess they were discontinued and this is an old set…

Martin Electric SP Nickel Wound Strings

Martin Electric SP Nickel Wound Strings

To Try:

Curt Mangan Pure Nickel

DR – Pure Nickel Blues

Pyramid Pure Nickel Round Wound 6 String, .011 – .048, GR61148

Pyramid Pure Nickel Round Wound 6 String, .012 – .054, GR61254

John Pearse
2610 Electric Straights

D’Addario EPN115 Pure Nickel

SIT Strings S1150 Medium Light Power Wound Nickel Electric

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