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TWA SC-01 Distortion – NOPE!

There are some inexpensive import pedals that I do really like (and have used), including:
Mooer Yellow Comp (one of my favorite compressors. PERIOD!)
Tone City Bad Horse
Biyang RV-10 Tri-Reverb
Donner Morpher
Valetone Coral Mod
DeltaLab SC1
Digitech Bad Monkey (not really an “import” but my favorite drive pedal!)

and not as much (but still ok):
Mooer Ninety Orange
Hotone Vow Press

Mainly based on how much I like the Donner Morpher, I took a chance on this pedal (it was soooo cheap too), so, I’ll give a warning to you… Don’t do it! this pedal is unusable, horrific!

TWA SC-01 Distortion

TWA SC-01 Distortion

You can see by the markings that I tried to give it a chance, I put it on the board and tried it a few times but it’s just horrible… (of course, this is just my opinion…)

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