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Funky Jazzy pedal board pedaltrain nano

I put this small pedalboard together for a funky-jazzy gig I had with some friends. (it was outside) I dug it! I used every pedal more than once and was pretty happy with the results.

Pedaltrain Nano
One Spot

Electro-Harmonix Soul Food -> Boss Dynamic Wah -> DigiTech Ventura Vibe -> DanElectro Tuna Melt -> tc electronic HOF mini

dave wright funky pedal board pedaltrain nano 2016-07-09

Some sounds excerpt :

Guitar : Eastman T386
Amp : Ibanez TSA15 combo (Eminence Cannabis Rex Speaker | V1 position 12AX7 preamp tube Tung-Sol | V2 JJ ECC83 S)
Strings : Nickel Wound Medium – .011-.049

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