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Best Mini Wah/Volume Pedal?

Wanted: A small, dual function wah/vol pedal.

What I’ve tried:

* Dunlop Mister Cry Baby Super
Pros: Solidly made, has a easily activated (good) boost switch on the side, passable sounds.
Cons: An active pedal but does have some “tone suck”. Can develop scratchy pots, big, heavy, not much sweep/play in the pedal mechanism.
My Opinion: I’d rather go without then use this, was not really satisfactory for either function

* Hotone Vow Press
Pros: small and light, sounds are passable, supposed “True Bypass” (not sure if true)
Cons: Not much sweep/play, can develop scratchy pots but the pot is not really replaceable, so is then a paper weight.
My Opinion: I use this on my gig board but not psyched about it.

* Morley MWV
Pros: smallish and lightish, wah sounds not great, volume usage is excellent, good sweep, is optical does not develop scratchy pots, active pedal has a very good buffer. I find this pedal very transparent. Good design, very solid.
Cons: Wah sounds are not that great.
My Opinion: I use this on my studio board, it’s my preferred of these 3 but not totally psyched when using the wah.

Haven’t tried, DOD FX-17, Hotone Wow Press (skipped, re: have to manually change between wah/vol, bad design, probably say cons as Vow press, skip)

Conclusion, Morley MWV for now, could be easily replaced by a musician designed competitor.

In related areas I do have the AMT Little Loud Mouth which is a useful for mini volume pedal, I should try the AMT mini wah, or maybe get the new crybaby mini wah… but then It’s not a wah/vol combo pedal…

Why is this so hard?

NOTE: Mini-Vol pedal requirements. Small, solid, well made, good buffer or true bypass, can replace pots easily once scratchy (resistant to getting scratchy in the first place), good play/sweep range, adjustable wah sounds, great wah sounds, easily footswitchable between modes, volume silent fully depressed, smooth play to full volume.

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