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Panama Boca Series 2×10 Speaker Cabinet – Speaker swap

Panama Guitars Boca Series 2×10 Speaker Cabinet (Purpleheart – White) w/ BC0 driver

I have always been a combo amp person. To me it just makes sense, it’s all self contained in one unit. Also, for the past few years I’ve been a small tube amp person, 15W tube amp is enough for anything I’m playing. (especially with efficient speakers). A few years ago I had got curious about head/cabinet options, so I got a VHT 6W head and this Panama cabinet, they were both great deals, so I thought if I didn’t like it, it wasn’t too much of a loss moneywise.

I tried them together, stock and wasn’t so impressed, the sound was so-so and there wasn’t any clean headroom. Granted, this isn’t really fair to expect for a 6watt head and 2×10 60 watt cabinet…

For my needs I need loud/clean, even if the amp isn’t club loud I like to be able to turn it way up and have it stay clean, this wasn’t even close out of the box.

So, time for some mods, I put new tubes power amp (6v6) and pre in the VHT and I replaced the speakers in the Panama cabinet. (no small feat! – note: it’s a ‘floating’ speaker mount but there are screws and silicon adhesive holding it in place, the screws come out easilly enough but it took me about a hour with an exacto knife to loosen in and pull it out.) I put two WGS G10C/S – 8Ω speakers in the cabinet, wired in series, which was the original scheme. (* It’s worth noting that the WGS speakers are not a perfect fit but they do fit well enough, not flush, just a little off center but with added screws and tightening they sit securely without buzzing.)

I haven’t had too much time to play it so I don’t have a full report but I can say it has much more clean headroom and is louder in this new set up.


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