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Note for me, my string gauges, 2018 (T386)

July, 30th 2018

Well, it’s been awhile since I changed the strings on my Eastman T386, I don’t play this guitar everyday but it is my main gigging guitar, so it’s probably way past time. I mostly play ‘jazz’, so mellow/warm/dull/lifeless strings are just what I’m looking for… ahaha.

I’m going to try Dunlop Electric Pure Nickel (11 MED HVY) for the first time. I’ve been using pure nickel strings since I tried them a few years ago. The favorite strings I found (Martin Electric SP Nickel Wound Medium – .011 .014 .018 .028 .038 .049) are now discontinued, I haven’t settled on a new regular brand yet.

Current favorite gauge/string: .011’s Pure Nickel

Guitar Gauge Notes
Eastman T386 .011’s Dunlop Electric Pure Nickel (11 MED HVY) – .011 .014 .018 .028 .038 .050

Update: October 2018, I’ve had these on a few months and played several gigs/rehearsals with them. Unfortunately, I’m leaning toward not liking them at all. They don’t feel great or sound great to me and they seem to die out quickly and not sustain at all, even with a good amount of dirt and volume. Based on this I will not try these again and am in a hurry to take these off and try something else… (sorry Dunlop, I really wanted to like these…)

Dunlop Electric Pure Nickel (11 MED HVY)
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