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Juniper Snowberries (2013)

The CD “Juniper Snowberries” was not really released but it was created and distributed from this site starting December 11th 2013.

Album: Juniper Snowberries

Style: Jazz/New Age Acoustic

Description: Acoustic Steel String Guitar with heavy improvisation and ‘Jazz’ overtones. Many of the songs are spontaneous compositions that were recorded as they were created.

Release Info: “Non Release Date”: 2013 © Copyright – Dave Wright / Dinosaurus Records (Recorded 2013) This CD wasn’t really released but it was distributed via this site starting December 11th 2013.

Album Credits:
Dave Wright all Elec/Acous. guitars
Rob Glass Elec. Bass (Snorah and Pieces)
Tommaso Monopoli Drums (Snorah and Pieces)

‘It brings to mind Pat Matheny and some of the solo multi-track recordings he did early on, particularly on “New Chautauqua.”‘…Minor 7th.com (© Chip O’Brien)

‘He shows a great range of dynamic emotive power as well. “Summer Song” and “Sound Furies, Furyless,” solo acoustic arrangements, both speak to Wright’s gentler side, as well as his ability to craft a compelling melody.’. – Minor 7th.com (© Chip O’Brien)

“The result is pleasing and, above all, fresh.”Minor 7th.com (© Chip O’Brien)

Full Album: (digital download)

Individual Tracks: (Digital Download)

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