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Past show archive
Oakland, CADealership09/30/1810:00amMap
Berkeley, CAJupiter09/29/188:00pmMap
Oakland, CADealership09/23/1810:00amMap
Oakland, CADealership09/16/1810:00amMap
Oakland, CADealership09/09/1810:00amMap
Oakland, CADealership09/02/1810:00amMap
Richmond, CAAirship Laboratories08/02/188:00pmMap
Berkeley, CAThe Back Room06/28/188:00pmMap
Oakland, CADealership02/25/1810:00amMap
Oakland, CADealership02/18/1810:00amMap
Oakland, CADealership02/11/1810:00amMap
Oakland, CADealership02/04/1810:00amMap
Berkeley, CAJupiter01/05/188:00pmMap
Oakland, CADealership11/24/1710:00amMap
Berkeley, CAJupiter08/12/178:00pmMap
Oakland, CANew Birdland Jazzista Social Club - Now Public!06/10/168:00pmMap
Oakland, CANew Birdland Jazzista Social Club - Now Public!03/20/158:00pmMay want to check ahead, I'm still not sure how this place works...Map
Oakland, CANew Birdland Jazzista Social Club - Now Public!10/24/1410:00pmMap
Walnut Grove, CABuddism Festival08/31/1311:00amMap
Bay Area SFOff The Grid08/21/136:30pmMap
Berkeley, CABirdland Jazzista Social Club07/26/139:00pmMap
San Francisco, CACafe Royale07/24/139:00pmMap
Berkeley, CABirdland Jazzista Social Club06/14/139:00pmMap
Berkeley, CABirdland Jazzista Social Club12/07/1211:00pmMap
Berkeley, CABirdland Private Club09/28/128:30pmMap
San Francisco, CACafe Royale09/15/129:00pmMap
San Francisco, CACafe Royale08/11/128:30pm8:30 - 11Map
Private Party07/21/128:30pmMap
San Francisco, CACafe Royale06/22/129:00pmOrange Peel - Funk, Soul JazzMap
Berkeley, CABirdland Private Club05/04/128:00pm8:30-10:30Map
Berkeley, CABirdland Private Club03/16/128:00pmMap
Berkeley, CABirdland Private Club02/10/128:00pmMap
Berkeley, CABirdland Jazzista Social Club09/16/1110:30pmMap
Berkeley, CABirdland Jazzista Social Club08/05/1110:30pmMap
Berkeley, CABirdland Jazzista Social Club07/09/111:00amMap
Berkeley, CABirdland Jazzista Social Club07/02/1110:30pmMap
Berkeley, CABirdland Jazzista Social Club06/03/1110:30pmMap
Berkeley, CABirdland Jazzista Social Club02/10/118:00pmMap
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