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(updated 2018-05-23)


My main gigging guitar is an Eastman T386, it’s stock, no upgrades. This is the nicest guitar I personally have owned, I like everything about it. I used it to record all the guitar on Orbital Quintet Vol. 1 and much of Vol. 2. I used to to record TOaG and for live gigs.

In Stanley Lighthead I usually use my Cort M800.

For Fusion recording/playing I usually use my Squire Classic Vibe 50’s Tele (5-way selector wiring and “D. Allen WCT BluesCat” for the neck pickup and a “Seymour Duncan Little ’59 Tele” bridge pickup) or a Yamaha SA2000 (with Seth Lovers)


I prefer pure Nickel Wound Medium gauge strings: .011 – .050


It depends on the style of music but I do like pedals 🙂 You can search this site for in depth posts on the ever changing pedals I use if your interested.


Unless I am in a studio, I usually just plug straight in and use virtual amp/effects, whatever is available in the DAW or plugins.


My main gigging amp is a 15W Ibanez TSA15 combo amp. I upgraded both pre-amp tubes and replaced the Celesion 7080 speaker to a Eminence Wizard. I have been happy with it.

I like that you can completely bypass the tube screamer circuit by plugging in to the effects return line at the back of the amp and that the speaker line out is easily accessible, so if something happens it would be easy and quick to go to my back up amp, A EHX Magnum 44. (tiny little box).


I use my thumb/fingers, ala Kevin Eubanks technique, when I used picks, I used Jim Dunlop Jazz III picks.

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